Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jigsaw - 7

I've put basic layers of colour onto the hand and brought the base layer of dark blue of the collar of my jacket down to meet it.The jacket is a classic 'dinner Jacket' with shiny collar...I hope I can indicate this in the picture.

The Blind Girl
John Everett Millais

I thought I'd post a couple of photo's of a rainbow seen from my bedroom window last evening.I once heard an art critic talking about rainbows and the apparent impossibility that they cannot be painted in a realistic way. This put me in mind of the well known Pre Raphaelite painting by John Everett Millais (see above).A rainbow is clearly visible in the background. What do you think..was the critic right?


Devil Mood said...

I'm not sure - it's a lovely painting but the sky is probably made to be over-dramatic, that's why I can't make up my mind about that.
Oh you're holding cards!!