Sunday, May 10, 2009

Captain Kebab #5 self imposed exile from artistic endeavour is coming to an end...tomorrow I shall begin work on a new picture. I can't wait. A week ago I was feeling negative about so many things, and the advice a valued friend gave me was to take a break,to rest. So this I have done, and in doing so I've found that the negativity has gradually melted away and the natural drive which makes me who I am has had time to heal and replenish itself. The urge to start working again has grown so that it's an effort not to....This evening I'm going to imagine it's the last day of the holidays...I'm going to be kind to myself...take a relaxing bath and listen to some music.


Anonymous said...

*dance* I am a great believer it is just natures way of telling you to stop and recharge your batteries.Then your eyes can look at the world with new eyes.I will watch this space, your space!

Preeti Shenoy said...

I love that concept--to hold back until an overwhelming urge to sketch takes over and then you burst forth--very good idea.

Vinoo John said...

Hope your self imposed break rejuvenates you!

Shachi said...

PURRRFECT :) I love long baths and soothing music....I spend the most on body scrubs & body washes :)

Looking forward to your next picture....have you decided the theme?

Julie Schuler said...

I'm glad you've had a relaxing week's vacation. Sometimes just sitting still can sort out lots of things.

Niall young said...

Sarah...Like so many people, I love to dance...usually with the curtains shut and an empty house.But get me on the dance floor and I'll do it there aswell!

Preeti...It's I suppose like water pressure..there is no way you can contain has to burst out.'m now only 23 years old!

shachi...For the basic concept,see next post...for the real indepth stuff...keep watching.

Julie...I think you're right...sometimes it's enough just to 'smell the flowers' and look at the sky.(always assuming one is not about to walk over an open manhole!)