Monday, May 25, 2009

Jigsaw - 10

Here you can see I've started the right hand by placing a layer of red as base...I'll be adding yellow ochre blue and green...the table surface is very shadowy around the hand so will not be worked on until later ...The dark areas of the jacket despite being dramatic are incredibly labour intensive and I might say lacking in interest, although there will be subtle difference of shade denoting creases in the fabric.
Many people remark when they speak to me at exhibitions about my 'patience'.....I usually agree with them that I posses a very well developed patience..but it's more than just 'waiting' and being's having a well defined vision of what I intend to create and being able to keep my thoughts fixed on that when I'm spending 5 hours a day on one colour in one small area. Total time so far on Jigsaw is just over 40 hours. At the present rate I estimate the total time should be in excess of 200 hours.