Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jigsaw - 13

I've spent my time today aiming to fill in the basic layer of dark blue on the sleeve.Here you can see that I managed to do that, but have yet to define any creases. The photo below shows in detail the area around the sleeve surrounding my left hand.The dark shade of the jacket is actually made up of 5 different colours...the basic dk blue, then medium blue, then yellow ochre then red. Highlights are created by using a very light blue which is a mixture of medium blue and white ink.


Devil Mood said...

Oh you have a coat now! I hadn't seen it before.

Niall young said...'s actually a '
Dinner Jacket'..or Tuxedo whatever....I often wear one...I'd never wear it to a posh meal though...I don't know what I'd wear as I've never been invited to a 'posh meal'