Saturday, May 02, 2009

Willington Arts Festival 2009.

Exhibition time comes around yet again.Jan and I set up the exhibition last night.We are exhibiting in an old school building along with around 10 other artists.The venue is part of an 'arts trail' which includes private homes,churches and other buildings around the village.Doors opened at 10:00am this morning and visitors came in larger than expected numbers.
I was busy all day talking to people and answering questions...however probably one of the best aspects of these kind of events is the opportunity to get to know fellow artists, to exchange ideas and experiences. I'm in a side room along with Michael who is a talented oil painter. He's never exhibited before and was overjoyed when he sold his first painting for £350 ! I on the other hand sold a couple of prints. The water colours were well received, but on the whole, people were much more interested in my Hyperpointillism works.
I'm back there tomorrow and Monday (which here in England is a public holiday). I think I'll have plenty of time during the next few days to work on the last of my watercolour series (I'll post the progress on today's painting tomorrow)...


Devil Mood said...

Hope it's a fruitful extended weekend. We had a holiday yesterday.
Good luck and hope it's enjoyable!