Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nottingham Castle - conceptual art experience.

Jan has been working for a theatre company who have been hired to man and talk to visitors to two art installation events at Nottingham Castle. I took Annie along today to see what she's been up to. One of the pieces by Susie MacMurray is housed in the bandstand (above)

As you walk through the door, you are presented by around 1500 individually hung strings from musical instruments.The strings were donated by the Halle Orchestra and various others

All the strings were suspended hundreds of tiny hooks screwed into the ceiling.Visitors were asked for their opinions as to what they thought and if they considered it to be 'art'. The basic concept of the piece was to depict the passage of time and change.
Finally, here is Annie posing with one of the stone lions dating around 500 years old!


Devil Mood said...

Oh careful there Annie. They might have been sleeping for 500 years but you never know ;)