Friday, May 15, 2009

Jigsaw - 3

I have my annual exhibition at the historic Cromford Mill in Derbyshire booked for July this year and was to have shared the gallery with a painter who incidentally I shared with last year. However, for reasons best know to her, she decided to pull out of exhibiting this year.So I approached a friend of mine whose daughter is in the same class as my daughter. Philippa is a stained glass artist and was pleased to accept my invitation to exhibit together. you check out Philippa's work here .

This morning Phillipa and I traveled up to see the gallery because it had been moved to a new room within the complex, but equip ed with a brand new hanging system and better facilities. We left feeling really positive and looking forward to showing our work there.
Work on my picture is going well..I have chosen quite purposefully to do another self portrait because the subject matter of 'Jigsaw' is very self analytical and concerns a few weighty issues I've been considering recently...I'll not reveal too much just now, but as usual, I'll tell you about the various aspects and objects within the picture as and when we get there.
It's also a way of showing how accurate my portraiture can be...I hope to gain more commission work doing portraits.


Devil Mood said...

Good thinking Niall! The portraits are quite amazing.