Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Minipix.

I hesitated to post this image as it looks so dull and lifeless. But it goes to show how quickly the tecnique can be forgotten. My next picture is supposed to be in colour...at least that's what I originally intended.So since there was no sunshine today, I worked on pencil sketches . Yesterday I created this..compared to the previous 'Mini pix' pieces..it's simple and dull. But need to re-learn the process with my colour pens. My last colour piece was 'Ball Of Wool' which i finished in December.
I also found that some of the pens had suffered with non use ...the ink was reluctant to start moving again. I shall continue with my sketches and see what develops...I have two or three ideas set for black and white pictures, which if I can't manage to do my photographs soon, I'll begin work on.


Devil Mood said...

Oh it's terrible when pens start to dry. Makes me so angry.
It must be really difficult to work with colours!

Niall said...

DM..everything is a challenge