Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spirit - 22

So far I've spent 106 hours on this feeling is that it will soon move into the final phase. I've added trees along the horizon giving it a rather English feel despite the Scottish church.looking back over the previous posts and my sketches in preparation for this [iece. I could not have envisaged what I now see before me. I generally work with blocks and areas, tones and larger items. But the little details are what I don't plan..and they get put in as the opportunity arrises.I like the little gravestones to the left of the church. I don't think my photo is so clear as it was heading for dusk just now when i took it.Th eflash has bleached the centre of the picture a little. Never get the general idea.

Now is the time I begin to think about what comes next....I'll let the ideas bubble away in the back ground.


Devil Mood said...

I'm really getting into this picture - the birds, the trees, the's so chaotic! :)

Julie Schuler said...

I love the trees, too. They make the birds feel more at home.