Saturday, February 16, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things.

I've never considered myself to be materialistic.But there are a few necessities that keep me going.Here they are:

My music..I have a collection of LPS,Tapes and CD's dating back around 40 are some of my CD's...My life without music would be empty.
We have hundreds of books...these sagging shelves hold mostly my books.The shelf in the middle holds a collection of my hand painted Lord Of The Rings figures.
There is a large number of videos and DVDs scattered around the house...these are my particular favourites...or at least some of them.
I don't 'need' a car..but as a family we do..Jan needs it for her work all over the country.Plus having three children, two of whom are hulking teenagers, we need something to fit them all in! But it's included in this post because I like driving...especially alone and at night...put a CD in, crank it up and sing!

Not only do I like to listen to music...I play as well. This is my old guitar which I bought back in still sounds good and is seen sitting next to the boys electronic drum kit!

Last but not least...the garden..I've spent precious little time caring for our garden...but of all the things i've planted..this Maple is my favourite.


Devil Mood said...

I love seeing people's houses!! Your is lovely.
I really like that corner in the tones of raspberry. And I love sneaking into people's shelves.
Well, I like being driven at night while listening to music so I think we make a good pair. :)

Julie Schuler said...

I used to love driving and listening to music. Now there is so much squawking in the back seat I can't even hear any music.

Hand painted Lord of the Rings figures? Necessities? *cough* geek *cough* :)

Jonice said...

What a cool post. Whenever I go to a friend's house I love taking a look at their book shelves and also the records' shelves. Nice of you to welcome us at your house, Niall.
The maple looks gorgeous! How about dot-painting it in your marvelous gifted way of picturing light?

Have a sweet nice Sunday :)

Niall said...

DM...You are welcome to ride with me anytime..but it would be a bit of a long journey to drop you off!

Julie...Oh, I so know what you mean!!!Believe me , it doesn't improve as they get older..they only get louder.

LOTR figures!...not a necesity..but too many to put anywhere else.

Jonice..Ah!..if you were to visit me, I guess if I ever wanted to know what you were up to, you'd be up reading my diarys with Julie!

Nabeel said...

wow, very full bookshelf .. I wish i could go through it. I saw UFO books. History channel has been showing some great UFO programs (nothing like the past programs) for the past few weeks. You should check 'em out.

Shruti said...

so nice of u to show us around your home :-)

Ps said...

Lovely photos Niall.There are very few material things that i value too--so i could really relate to what you are talking about.Loved your book shelf and the hand painted figures.