Sunday, February 03, 2008

Spirit - 16

I've spent most of the time this weekend refining what I've already done with the planets. the largest one (Large only by it's actual fact it is classified as a minor planet and is 2274 km in diameter) is supposed to be Pluto and as such needs some craters and details..I've refined the uppermost cloud but still need to work on the lower clouds. The planet directly behind Pluto is Neptune and then in the distance is Mercury..The planet to the upper left is Venus which appears faily smooth..mainly because it has an atmosphere made up of clouds of sulphuric acid obscuring the rocky lifeless surface.
Here you can see me working on the sky towards the horizon. Jonice mentioned in a comment that my composition is like a 'Salad'..I lioke that analogy..constantly adding ingredients which complement and combine. I have a few other ingredients yet to throw in ..


Bob-kat said...

Is Pluto still classed as a planet?

I do like the imagery of the crows against the dark sky with the planets hanging heavily over them. It gives a kind of Sci-Fi feel which contrasts sharply with the traditional clothes of the ladies.

the big dipper said...

no, your great man!!

Niall said...

BK..I believe Pluto is now classified as a 'Dwarf Planet'

Big D...Thank you

Devil Mood said...

I have a mobile with the solar system that shines in the dark, it resembles the planets you created.

Julie Schuler said...

We have a glow-in-the-dark solar system on my son's ceiling. He is very keen on astronomy. I just asked him and he said his favorite planet is Jupiter.