Monday, February 25, 2008

PWM - 2

The start of any new project, especially in colour is a fairly cautious job. Slowly building up the correct intensity of colour and depth of contrast. This often means reworking the same area over and over again until the right shade/tone is achieved. Here you can see I've started with Scarlet to define the areas of shade...
Next i swap to yellow Ochre to create the tone of flesh I require. with this resolution it's hard to see the individual yellow dots...but even in the flesh they are fairly indistinct. I've mentioned before that I love the effect this yellow gives...somehow it causes a glow which appears translucent.

Next i begin placing the shadows using a light blue ink which I mix with (you guessed it) blue and's not commercially available so has to be mixed. The white ink has a sediment and therefore is prone to clogging the pens if left for a long period of inactivity. fortunately it still worked for me!


Devil Mood said...

As usual this is absolutely crazy!

Julie Schuler said...

It's so strange, I have no idea how you get colors blended so well. I think I would have obvious contours along the shadows.

But what am I saying? I know very well I wouldn't have the patience for any "dotting" at all. I would go five minutes before I would have to scribble something up.

Anonymous said...

wooo! wicked. I'm so glad devil introduced us. this is more valuable than you could ever guess. cheers :)

Niall said...

DM...Thank you...I sometimes think I must be crazy too1

Julie...I must admit, sometimes the process takes me by suprise..the effect often better than I imagine.I suppose it's the recsult of the long hours i've put in on this seems to work better if I place dots next to eachother and avoid overlapping them. This is unavoidable in a particularly dense area, that can not be helped..but the more care put into the placing of the dots pays off I think.

Chrispito...Check out the label section and click on 'finished pictures' to see what you're letting yourself in for being more 'valuable can i could ever guess'..please explain..

Ps said...

Humble beginnings!(I can almost see how good this will be when you are done with it)
Reminds me of this rhyme
"Do not worry if your work is hard,
And rewards are just a few,
Remember that the mighty Oak,
Was once a nut like you."