Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PWM - 4

The big news here is that at 1am this morning, jolly old England registered it's most powerful earthquake for many a year. Reaching 5.2 on the Richter Scale, it's small potatoes when compared to some of the countries you might come from..and only one person was hurt. It is actually quite a regular event, as Seismologists today told the News Programmes that around 250 are registered every year in the UK alone ..but only a few of these are strong enough to be felt.

And if I hear one more person ask me "Did the earth move for you?" I won't be responsible for my actions!

Oh yes..I did some more work to my's taking shape the way i want it to...I've got the right density of colour now .As regular readers will know,I often start with the part of the picture that can go wrong and render the project useless...I will therefore before long have to put my opponents face in.


Devil Mood said...

Oh yes, I heard about that in the radio news but I was half-asleep (go figure!). It's not such a small earthquake in numbers though. We've had a few of those medium ones lately, but mostly in the south. Porto is hard as a rock (knock on wood).

Nessa said...

OK, no comment on the quake.

The face is coming along nicely.

Maria said...

Greetings Niall, I have come to your site by way of David Crofts Monroe who I think looks remarkably like the self portrait you're working on. I love the painstaking effort you put into your work. I also love Supertramp. I look forward to visiting your official website. Blessings to you.


Niall said...

DM...You know what it's like her ein England..everything unusual is sensationalised..a few chimy pots fell down, a wall was a very British earthquake!

Nessa..Lovely to hear from you again!

Maria...Welcome Maria..I hope you like hwat you find website is distincly lacking in updates and general care...I generally direct people here instead these days.

As for Supertramp..did you see any of the 'Concert for Diana' broadcast from Wembley satdium in London last year?..Roger Hodgeson did a great solo spot!

Devil Mood said...

I didn't see it but my Dad told me everyone was dancing and singing like mad at my grandmother's house!

Julie Schuler said...

It's a good thing you weren't working during the earthquake. How disconcerting that would be! Dots everywhere!

Niall said...

DM...Most of it was good..even Duran Duran!

Julie..maybe the dots would have been a way for the earthquake to communicate with me..perhaps it would have reveasled a composition the likes of which no one could imagine....or it might have ruined it!