Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PWM - 3

eehh?For some reason it's gone all blue on me! Still, at least you can see what I'm trying to do here at the moment. further to my description about deepening the tones/shades yesterday, i've been doing exactly that, adding layers of dots closing the gaps between them and reducing the amount of white paper you can see.(Suerat often painted onto a white ground on his canvas in the same way.)There are few light areas on my face here, so to produce a pleasing and realistic representation, i need to have what light areas there are stand out.The lenses of my glasses should also provide a highlight.


Julie Schuler said...

Nice progress! I am thinking of the pixellated representation of flesh, and am thinking that there is some sort of denial and dissolution of body inherent in your style.

Niall said...

Julie...that's interesting..you know that everything is made up of atoms..particles..evreything is dot shaped on a subatomic level...what am i talking about?...I haven't a clue!but I once wrote a poem about how everything is ball shaped...cells,planets..ovas...and to amuse ourselves, we generally chose activities that include balls..life is one could observe a load of balls!