Friday, February 08, 2008

Spirit - 21

Having virtually finishe the sky..I need to attend to the clouds that i've decided to have close to the horizon. Firstly penciling in their shape is easy..I then dot around the edges, then soften their appearance...the underside is blended into the area below and the top of the clouds are softened to give a light fluffy appearance.
A light layer of dots is used over the entire cloud grading to almost nothing before the edge.

Having completed the cloud, I erase the pencil underdrawing leaving a crisp and well defined cloud.

I then move onto the clouds further over the other side of the figure.The same process is repeated.

Here you can see the finished clouds. Now, I have no intention of leaving the horizon bare, let alone white. so I like and want to introduce a line of trees...I now need to decide if they will be fairly regimented or give the appearance of an aged hedgerow with Oaks placed randomly with other trees like Ash. Once this is done..Julie and the Maid will have my full attention!...the're next!


Devil Mood said...

I can't stress enough how insane your work is ;)

Julie Schuler said...
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Julie Schuler said...

There I am, just waiting to give a good smack!

Niall said...

DM...That sounds like a complement i think!

Julie...The tension is mounting..