Thursday, May 26, 2011


First of all..apologies for the no show here of any work today. I haven't done any! the truth is I'm tired ...I've been dieting and exercising each day for three weeks now...I've also taken up 'Power Walking'..I'm increasing the distance and time steadily and now Power Walk 3 miles in each session...the aerobic effect of this is as good as jogging and is less injurious to joints. My weight loss is coming along nicely too....I feel fitter and more able to move.

This morning I had to take Annie for another appointment at the hospital eye department. All good and she was discharged...I took her back to school then set about preparing for my walk which had to wait awhile whilst the rain stopped. I did my walk just before lunch time....and since then I've just run out of energy. So I'm being kind to myself, and will get back to work tomorrow.

Incidentally, if you'd like to know more about 'Power Walking''s a fun little instructional video.


Devil Mood said...

Phew phew. Tired just by watching. Did a 30minute walk today but very sloooowly. Trouble here is the area around my house is full of ups and downs so anything is a struggle. haha

I do try to pretend I'm going somewhere because I fear if I did powerwalking ppl would point at me in the streets haha :)

Good on you to keep going Niall. :)

Niall young said...

I tend to keep my swingy arm stuff just for the park where at least I'm in the company of joggers and the like. I did feel very selfconscious when I first started, but it's amazing what a baseball cap and a pair of suglasses can do for your self confidence!! haha