Friday, May 06, 2011


Hello..I have no idea what to write about.I'm sitting in my front's dark outside and I've spent most of the day with my sketch book....oh yes, I've got lots of ideas as you know. Long term readers here will know that I find the period between pictures quite difficult at times. Apart from the concept and development, the really good thing for me is the process...the actual action of spending hours , days, weeks and months working on something that was once an idea or a series of ideas, and seeing an image emerge from the blank page. I miss the action of  dotting and concentration...the order of my day is formed around it.

I suppose it would be whimsical to compare this period to being in an accelerated pregnancy where my idea has been conceived and is approaching the birth day.

 I'm concentrating on two concepts at the moment..( I guess this means I'm expecting twins if I use the pregnancy analogy ! )one of which has progressed through around 15 - 20 versions becoming more refined as I go on. The other idea which is fairly simple is at the stage where (If the first idea doesn't work very well) I can initiate it without too much development.

Funny...I wasn't going to write about that. I was going to write a short piece about another favourite painting of mine. I'll probably do that tomorrow.


Tim Young said...

what are you working on?
why not try a visual representation of your favourite book?

Devil Mood said...

I was watching a little newspiece this week, concerning the Prado Museum in Madrid. They visited the special climatised chambers where they keep the most delicate pieces, which are mostly drawings. And they were talking about the importance of drawings, for being the first ideas of the artists, where they express themselves more freely and instinctively. I thought of your preliminary sketches then.

Niall young said...

Tim...I would illustrate if asked and be paid enough!But I have SOmany ideas of my own to work on!

DM...Sounds interesting..I too saw a documentary about L.S.Lowry, and they took a look at his sketch books...and some things were very surprising! It's like looking inside an artists mind at the very intimate and usually purposfully unseen work of the artist. I consider my sketchbooks akin to my diary...not intended for public scrutiny. But I sometime like to show where an idea originated....because so many people ask!

Devil Mood said...

Yes, I imagine the sketch books would be extremely close to heart.