Monday, May 09, 2011

Tea tease.

Have had a very productive day with the sketchbook...and have now moved onto my bigger format sketchbook to begin roughing out the basic composition forms. The main sketching work which includes a mock up of the way I'm hoping the finished picture will look will remain unseen for the time being. But as a teaser, here is an early development drawing of three ladies ...I realised that it actually echoes aspects of both 'Three Graces' and 'White Ladies' and was originally due to be included in 'Tables'...but I like to think that this concept is a more complex development and will include two major figures (not seen here!) a bridge..a skulls..birds get the idea. But it's what I'm about, and it's the natural progression of ideas generated over the last few years. If you're fed up with the current trend in my work...then you're going to be stuck with this one for a while yet.

But just were there at the beginning!