Monday, May 02, 2011

Tables - 39

Working on the stones is tedious but actually easy. I firstly create an outline for a stone, and then another until a series of abstract similar sized panels are ready for filling in.

A basic layer of dots is applied to the panels I have created , I then consider from where I imagine the lightsource is and begin to lay in some basic shading which represents where the shadows will go.

Once I've established the shadow areas, I darken the spaces between the rocks and deepen the shadowed area presuming that the upper line of the stone will be caught by the moonlight.The difficult part of this process is to vary the angles at which the stones lie to each other, hence the depth of shadow varies too. I also have to allow for shadows falling from the figures...this is something that can be addressed after the stones are defined.


Tim Young said...

picture is looking amazing Niall.