Friday, May 13, 2011

Tea time - 2

Blimey...not a very flattering view of me that I've chosen to use here is it? should prove humorous when taken in context with the rest of the picture. The hair is proving difficult...thank goodness lots of it has fallen out and I only have half a head to deal with! I've also decided to depict me wearing a favourite top of mine I bought back in the early 90''ll see more of it next time I post!

Incidentally, you might be wondering what happened to  'Tea time 1' ...well, I have no idea! I wrote it...I posted it...and it's gone! I'll post below the image it contained.


Devil Mood said...

Tea Time 1 was in my google reader, perhaps it was eaten in the meantime :)

Oh looking forward to a piece from the early 90s fashion!

Niall young said...

DM...A friend tells me that Blogger experienced a data corruption that meant many posts have been removed for a period...they should be back very soon!