Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tea time - 6

Had a bit of a stutter on this today after someone said that I looked like 'Rumpole of the Bailey'. Whilst Leo McKern is or rather was a great and well respected actor..I felt saddened to be compared with him. Especially as I've embarked on a diet and exercise regime in the last couple of weeks...I do realise I'm over weight. This is wholly due to the fact that my work happens behind a desk in my own house. I used to work in Residential Childcare and spend most of my days playing sport and being active...this all ended six years ago when I was made redundant.  So I'm now working hard to get back in shape before my age and sedentary lifestyle catch up with me in a bad way! So far weight is coming off, and I power walk around 3 miles every morning! So look out for a leaner Mr Young in the near future!