Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea time - 11


KW said...

Hey Niall .. this is a much larger piece than I had thought .. two questions: because you're left-handed, Iw ould've expected you tp work generally from roght to left - any reason why you chose to work this the other way, or do you not find that to be a problem? Just thiking f the potential for smudging all this thousands of little dots ..

and two: how did you ever get away with wearing that errmm wizard shirt? haha .. Cheers KW

Niall young said...

KW...I do often work from right to left, but the reason I'm working this way roung is purely due to the fact that I am in the picture...If I got my likeness correct , I would feel happy to continue. I might also add, that sketching work on the additional figures has continued during the work on my portrait...they are totally made up and I have no reference to work is a bit of a hinderance I've made for myself with this technique that I like large format works...I am increasingly facinated by more complex and sizable works which in turn take longer and longer to complete. I have finalised 99% of the composition which at the current rate will be finished around September.

Devil Mood said...

A-ha the great big void - what will appear?