Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tea...oh...and kittens!

OK..I've at long last settled on the full arrangement for my new picture. But being the old spoil sport I am, I'll keep it under wraps and you'll see it as I do it! Hopefully if all goes well, I'll start dotting tomorrow.

But in the mean's the litter of kittens our cat Wilba has on Sunday. This is the very last litter she is being allowed to have . A trip to the Veterinary surgeon is going to see to that at last! For now...we're going to really enjoy these three in the next few weeks. Mum being half Manx has produced two long tails, and the almost black kitten here in the middle has a stumpy tail which is hooked just like her mum's !


Devil Mood said...

Oh boy, Wilba is such a naughty girl :O

hehehe little cuties :)