Friday, May 20, 2011

Tea time - 8 Will i am proud !

Having thought about it for a while...I've decided to make the tea cup more three dimensional as opposed to being seen in profile. This should make it more interesting when I work on the tea spilling out of it. I next thought about different leg wear...I usually wear denim so that's what I settled on. You can see the nearly completed jeans...the creases in the material looks complicated but is really just a series of patterns. Once you have understood the way highlights on creases relate to shadowed areas, it's just a matter of 'feeling' what looks right.

Today, my second son had his leavers day. Way back when I left school, there was absolutely no fuss made. I remember I walked the 2 miles to school...did an exam...then walked home again having said goodbye. Today it's increasingly becoming the fashion for pupils to arrive at school in progressively more interesting forms of transport. The stretch limousine has been popular for some time, but in my opinion is a little passe now. Will and his girl friend Claire were driven to school in a specially hired Mercedes driven by Claire's Mum. I was very proud of will, he'd spend hours redressing his dreadlocks. I helped to pin the front sections back off his face.I think he looked great.  


Devil Mood said...

Wow, I wasn't familiar with Leavers Day, sounds exciting! It's good that kids get some recognition for finishing school, even if the traditions sound a little insane haha.
Well done to him!