Sunday, May 08, 2011

Miss O'Murphy by Francoise boucher 1752.

Painted in 1752 by Francois Boucher, this portrait of  Mary-Louise O'Murphy de Boisfaily was 
thought to be a direct invitation to Louis XV showing that she was available to be his mistress.Without resorting to the many and varied 'historical' references to this painting (I'm not an art historian!) I have always considered this painting to be erotic and gloriously executed  by an artist who is familiar with sexuality and sensuality. Seeing it for the first time in a book as a black and white illustration, it has remained part of the bedrock of my artistic refverence  between classical anatomy and the etherial beauty of the erotic whereby an image engages with the desires and dreams of the observer.

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Nial is that a clever way of saying reverence and refference at the same time - but I do agree !!!!

Niall young said...

.A.L....Note to myself..engage spell check mode. But hey..a good mistake means a new word! thank you.