Friday, May 25, 2007

Finished Street

Hot off the drawing board, the finished article!!I hope you've enjoyed following the progress of this picture over the past couple of weeks. It's been one the most satisfying pieces to work on and I'm pleased with the result. I think i've uploaded the picture correctly so that when you click for an enlargement, you'll see it at it's full size.


Devil Mood said...

Niall, I don't know how this is possible! The hair on that blond boy is amazing, completely realistic!
Congratulations! I certainly enjoyed it.

Ps said...

Wow!!! Never get tirred of saying it..Never stop being amazed.
Outstanding Niall--simply Brilliant.

Niall said...

Thank you so mush DM &'ve been there since the beginning.your support means a lot...more than you'll know.

Rayne said...

Oh, this is just so incredibly wonderful. I love the details, the shading, the motion of the people. It's just such a beautiful piece.