Monday, May 21, 2007

Street 17 - 300th Post!

I'll begin this 300th post by sending out my thanks to all of you who have written in response to my writing over the past eight months. I've learnt and grown so much in experience and knowledge..made some wonderful friends along the way . Fantastic is all I have to say...!

Have worked on the figures in the shadows today..I'm loving the blues and muted flesh tones..I'd love to do a much larger picture with this effect...Tomorrow I Hope to get a full working day in on this as today I've had to look after my daughter whose school had one of those 'Inset' days.It's been lovely playing together..went to the sops, went to the park and played cards ('Pairs')..'s to the next 300..please stay with me for the ride and see what
I can create along the way. I really do take on board all the suggestions, praise/criticism you give me... and who knows..maybe you will cause me to create my 'masterpiece' someday!?


Devil Mood said...

Yay, congratulations!
I'm loving the pavement!

Tim Young said...

i have not visited your sight in a while.. the pic is looking good. and your seam to be on a positave place which also good to hear. Keep up the good work. I will support you and encouae as much as i can. Keep dotting and remember to have fun along the way.

Rayne said...

Congratulations on your 300th!
The piece is coming along so beautifully! I am absolutely loving it.
It's amazing to me to see how you they change little by little each day. How they become richer and fuller and come to life.

Niall said...

DM..It's amazing what a few dots will do isn't it?..sometimes I work on a particular area and it just comes to life as if i'm omly holding the pen over the paper..the images just falls out.

Tim..thank you for visiting..yes, I do have a possitve vibe going at the moment.

Rayne..Was a lovely suprise to find your comment..I hope you're feeling OK at the moment?..I sometimes don't see the development when i'm deep into a picture ( a little like being a parent when others keep coming up to you and remarking on how your children have grown..)

Ps said...

Hey Niall..Congratulations on the 300th post.Wow--that by itself is something.
With you as always.
Picture looking great as always!