Sunday, May 13, 2007

Street 10 - Aquavit and Eurovision

I continue to develop the shadowy area to the left..the figures gradually take on a personality of their own..all engaged in their own story.It's actually very interesting to put down dark blue blue..yellow..then suddenly there's someone there!

Last night I went with Jan to a party held by our friends across the road: Andrew and Jane..both lovely people, they had lived in Norway for many years and therefor celebrate Norway's National Day. However, this pales into insignificance compared to the event here in Europe known as the Eurovision Song Contest.Around 40 nations compete to have their song voted the best..on the night, 24 countries are in 'the final' and watched by an estimated 100 million people around Europe. Live from Helsinki (The previous years winners host the competition) it was never going to be UK's mattered not weather the song was good..UK is not in favour with the rest of Europe at the moment..and cynically all the Baltic countries seemed to vote for each other..therefor the 'dirge' that was sung by Marija Serifovic from Serbia.For the record, I thought the UK entry 'Flying the flag' by Scooch was diabolically bad ..and from a nation that bought you The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Rolling was pitiful! Still, my enjoyment continues as 'Eurovision' is in a world of it's own...cheesy, bland,trite..and brilliant.
We had a wonderful evening eating delicious food, chatting to neighbours and drinking 'Aquavit' (Water of Life) which is a traditional Scandinavian beverage ( by some is called "Rocket Fuel") .


Ps said...

glad you had a good time.Depsite the music.

Devil Mood said...

don't get me started on that crap called eurovision, pardon my language :P
It's not that the UK is badly seen by others, it's the trouble of not having neighbours. If you look at the countries in the bottom - UK, Ireland, Spain...countries with little neighbourhood around them. Portugal wasn't even there. Italy has given up because they must respect their music too much. The songs were AWFUL! I used to love the ESC about 15 years ago, but it was nothing like this, singers weren't all alike, singing the same kind of stupid songs :(

Sue said...

Wow, it sounds way bigger than American Idol. (I don't usually watch American Idol, but it's all over the place; my husband Frank can't stand it, but it's fun.)

Love the picture!

Niall said... least it wasn't country music! are right. Things have changed for the ESC since the USSR split is however true to say that UK would not have got any points if it were'nt for our own little bloc vote ie: Ireland and Malta..sadly we didn't give them any next year it's Null
Points for us!

Sue..Good to hear from you!!! I did read somewhere that a U.S version of the Eurovision Song Contest was to be created!?