Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Street 6

Today saw history being made in the UK. The inauguration of the Northern Ireland Assembly which will now govern the day to day running of the country.For myself and many others, 'The Troubles' have been a darkness from which decades of pain and separation have blighted the lives of all concerned. In 1998 the 'Good Friday Agreement' was made to begin the process which lead to lasting peace. Many have said that the legacy of Tony Blair would be the fiasco which was the war in Iraq..but here is the thing he worked tirelessly to see come to fruition. I pray that peace now will be lasting ..that today's and tomorrow's children will know unity and prosperity.

I've pressed on well with my work today and added the first of many figures into the scene.For some reason the intensity with which I work has changed..I am currently seeking greater detail and colour for the image and have already spent just under 25 hours on this one. ..I'm probably around 1/4 of the way through!


Ps said...

I pray for peace too.

This was quick work,compared to your previous painting wasnt it?

Niall said...

You might believe it is quick..but that's without actually seeing the scale..it's a lot smaller than the Cathedral picture..i'll take a photo showing the size tommorow.

Have you heard about the Young girl who has gone missing in Potugal?..Madeliene McCann..please pray slao for her safe return!

Devil Mood said...

The painting has definitely evolved since I last saw it!
I'm happy for Northern Ireland. Now that both parties are in the government it seems almost silly that they would ever fight each other. It doesn't make much sense. But it happens in almost every conflict - the religious issues.