Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Street 19

Some people are born to be artists..some become skilled at is unusual to find someone who is both.tonight I sat in a meeting at which several 'successful' artist business type people told the gathered masses that basically we needed to turn ourselves into replica 'Allan Sugars' to make a living in the art world..on the strength of this I can't ever see myself as able or even willing to make a success of making a living from my art...Please excuse the negativity I might be radiating but I feel lost at the moment. Art-wise I've no problems..I am at my most content whilst creating. I said before that a drive exists deep within me that I cannot ignore. But it doesn't pay the bills..and I can't see things very clearly at the moment. It hopefully will pass..but until then , I'm not very nice to know.


Devil Mood said...

yes, you are, don't be silly!
Being out of the art world, I can't really put business and art in the same sentence. Business is so $$$$, art is so personal and profound.
I wouldn't last a minute in the art world lol

Ps said...

niall--I know what you mean.That you really dont like to be pushy to sell.But in order to make a living you must--and that can be very frustrating as it interferes with creating..

Um..Would you like to appoint a manger on commission basis? If i lived in Derby I'd volunteer--you are too good Niall.

Niall said...

DM..Thank you..Art is so personal..but so is a missed mortgage payment!

PS...If you lived in Derby I'd be more than happy to have you as my agent..