Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Street 1

Just a small area of the picture has developed so far. And for some reason, the camera is acting up again..a strange blue tone has invaded the image.At least you'll see it grow from these humble beginnings...and hopefully after a good battery charge things will be back to normal.

Have provided prints for the shop in Derby to stock..there was some confusion over how much to set the prices at,but I think they are sorted out now..All I have to do is sit and wait..seeing all the wondrous prints already for sale there, I don't think I stand much chance of selling many at all.

I find I am so much in need of a proper holiday..I am so tired and to be honest, worn out. My thinking has suffered and sometimes it's hard to remain positive..I tell you this because to understand my life, you need to know that despite being blessed with an does not guarantee happiness.

I hope to bring brighter things tomorrow.


Devil Mood said...

nothing guarantees happiness, it is a very tricky state of mind!
I also need a holiday, I thought I was having one next week, but it seems I'm not ;P
Here's to better, more inspired days! :)

Ps said...

Devil mood and Niall--COME TO INDIA!!! You are welcome to stay with me. You will love the sunshine.(its really hot here, now that summer is here) Most people find that a visit to India, is often an eye opener.In many many ways--the huge population itself is testimonial to the fundamental Indian phiosophy "Live and let live--and show kindness and hospitality "

Al said...

This looks like a fascinating picture! Glad to see a nother work developing. It is of a shop that i can recognise already!

Hope you can develop a stronger sense of self worth! Some of us would rather look at your work than some of the really famous artists around you know!!!!

Chin up and ever onwards!

Hope you find a way towards a holiday sometime soon.

Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!