Monday, April 30, 2007

Street - Sketch

I risk becoming a 'Drain' as Preeti would call it..I am troubled. It seems to follow that after an exhibition there is always a down make matters worse, I am between pictures just now. To make matters even worse, all my intention is to put to paper a composition I have been working on for a year now..I've had a couple of goes at it but have failed each time..(then there's the railway picture 'Lines' I've got stored waiting the final spark too) I've come close to starting it, but once again can't find the special something that will ignite it into being. So as is often the case these days..I settle on something 'safe'..plundering my 'Derby Street' photo shoot from last year that gave rise to a few recent pieces..I've started on the preparatory sketches for a crowd scene in St. Peters Street in my city. Despite the fact that it is a 'safe' shoot..I actually love crowd scenes. Please excuse the absolutely rubbish photo of the first bit of pencil work..I am to start dotting soon so I just wanted you to see it at the very beginning.


Ps said...

You--a drain? Never!!! I know some really AWFUL drains and i'm trying hard to get them out of my life at the moment.

Ps said...

Its perfectly okay to feel down and grumble once in a way--that DOES not make you a drain.(maybe a temporary pain--but not a drain!) :-)

Devil Mood said...

I don't think I'd feel down between art-shows, I'd feel relieved that they were over ;P
But that's crazy-me talking!
It's nice to see how it all starts. I hope you get the strenght to follow that difficult project sooner or later.