Monday, April 16, 2007

Exhibition day 8 - The Florentine Boar

Applied the final section of blue to the sky..then a second layer of green, then third layer of red then final layer of more blue...needs some yellow next.Will then move down to the figure in the bottom left and my signature to finish..should be done by the weekend!!?
This is a photo of the plaque which commemorates the Florentine boar statue

This Cherry Tree has blossomed only since Friday.

I can't resist including lamp posts..

Just to the left of the boars snout you can see the Orangery where the exhibition is!

Annie just back from school gives it the thumbs up!


Al said...

Picture is looking good Niall. What an epic work this has turned out to be!

Love the lamp posts - very Narnian!! Is there a wardrobe somewhere......?

Tim Young said...

Hi Niall what a beautiful daughter you have. your pic looks great by the way. hope all is going well, you will have earneda day off soon

Ps said...

Annie is adorable!! A hug from me.And a thumbs up from me too!!

Devil Mood said...

Hi Annie!
The boar - magestic! That's my Chinese sign :)