Friday, April 13, 2007

Corn..Friday..Exhibition day 5

Not a lot seems to have happened here..but it took three hours non the less! Joana...sometimes I take a break from my work and everything appears grainy ..I really do see spots before my eyes!
Ok,'s a very dirty's at the back of the gallery at the Arboretum..but I thought it was interesting to see my reflection!

Some trees have already started to put out leaves..

These ornamental cherries are fantastic!

There appear 'clouds' of colour as new buds ripen and blossom prepares to changes each day!

The tree next away from the lamp post is a 'Black Walnut' I'm is the oldest tree in the park and is the tree in the back ground of my picture 'Hope..the last candle'


Ps said...

What an interesting sink picture!I loved the last picture too.

Devil Mood said...

Yeah, cherry trees, I knew that :)
Probably the most beautiful flowery tree :)
The sky is growing and that picture in the sink is really nice!! Why don't you join Flickr?

Niall said...

PS:..You're making me flush !

DM:..Yes..I will certainly look at the Flickr site..I don't know why I've not tried it little time these days on the PC..I realy will try to do it!

kay said...

you have blossom, the trees are a little behind here in scotland, not much blossom yet, last year it snowed on the daffodils, so i can understand the trees wanting to wait a little longer, but the blossom looks lovely.