Friday, April 27, 2007

Finished Antimatter

Alright...I don't like it...but tomorrow I doesn't matter!'s Antimatter.It symbolises a time for me..I will remember when it was created and why.

Years ago when I had spare money..I used to buy an LP (remember them?) or a CD every week..then I became a Father. Each one I bought carried the date inside when I bought it..(I do the same with all my books.) You know the odd thing..I can be sitting wondering what to listen I pick out a piece of music..put it on and settle down..then I read the date of often it turns out to be something like Seven years ago to the day..or one year to the week etc...For me I put great significance on music and the things that inspire me..they embed themselves on my mind. With some of my pictures I can point to parts of the picture and remember what was playing on the CD player/radio at the time. Art and music do things to us..they colour the world and the way we see it.. and become part of our experience..our memory..our life.


Devil Mood said...

I like the antimatter, it has volume and dimension, but maybe it shouldn't, hehe, considering it's antimatter!
Those music associations are constantly happening to me, even TOO much! I don't have to write the dates, music transports me everywhere and I associate it to places, people, events, smells, even...That's why I have a bunch of CDs that have been forbidden for years, because of too many memories. Lately, I've managed to re-condition some songs with other memories but it's hard. God, I write too much!

Niall said...

Correction write too little!There's so much straining to get out I sense..

My whole life is punctuated with music references..did you ever see/read 'Hi Fidelity' by Nick Hornby?..