Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Exhibition day 9 - Say it with flowers

There are a few subtle progressions here. Firstly I've added the yellow ochre to the sky and have started work on the final figure (Bottom left)..I don't know how the signature will turn out but that's part of the fun!

Time at the exhibition began this morning again at 9:00..the park was beautiful in the slanting light of the sun..the grass being cut and Paul; the Head Ranger calling in for a chat.He's a lovely gentle and knowledgeable man who has worked at the Arboretum for less than a year. He confirmed for me that the park is actually THE oldest public park in the world!!

I had a number of visitors today including the local Police. Gill was interested to here about the responses from the public I'd had saying how much 'Safer' the park felt with the exhibition.Art has a soothing effect in this context it seems!

I later had around 8 children as well as parents in from the school..I can tell you now how good it was to see children whose work is framed and hanging on the wall proudly show off their pictures to their parents.

On returning home I found a note through the door telling me that a parcel had been left in our recycling bin..inside we found a box from 'Next' containing these flowers..and the best thing was..they were for me!! I can't remember ever having flowers bought for me..and so as the result of some humorous blog chat with my friend Kay in Scotland..these arrived.They are so very wonderful and made me feel very special. Even more welcome as I'm beginning to feel nervous about tomorrow. We're having our 'big' reception at the exhibition..lots of stuff to organise..speech to write..then after that I start my twice weekly teaching job at the school.

I find myself in interesting times. where will it lead I wonder?


Devil Mood said...

How wonderful to be given flowers and sunflowers - oh, they're so beautiful!
I'm glad you're having a good time. Focus on the present maybe, and don't wonder too much :)

Ps said...

Nice!!How lovely to receive such a surprise.
Good luck--it will all lead to good things.I'm positive.

Bob-kat said...

What a nice surprise for you!

Sounds like the exhibition is going well - good luck with your reception. I see too, that your latest picture is coming along brilliantly!

It was nice of you to pop by my blog - glad you liked the Monty Python sketch. I love MP. Life of Brian and The Holy Graila re two of my favourite films.