Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Antimatter 2

Went into town with Jan this morning. We needed to pay a few bills and take samples of my work to a shop which sells fine art prints. The shop have agreed to stock my work and sell initially on a sale or return basis. this is good news as I don't currently have a permanent outlet for my work outside my website. I made contact with the shop in question during my Guildhall exhibition in March. I will provide a selection of prints which will I hope sell.

I continue to work on 'Antimatter' which is interesting,,but I am preparing to initiate a new 'symbolic' work..the subject of which has been in sketch form for many years. I have to consider that this new piece will come before my 'Cromford' pieces in late May/June,,then on to hopefully the start of my Arboretum residency after that.


Ps said...

Thats good news.Good luck.The wau you say "arboretum residency" makes it sond like you are leaving home and moving there forever.It sounds like some farwaway place in some fairy tale.

Ps said...

Just read my comment and realised there were so many typos.Sorry!!Must be more tired than I thought!