Saturday, April 14, 2007

Corn..Saturday exhibition day 6

I know it looks wonky..but this is the fault of the photographer...he'll get it right one of these days!! It was a wonderfully sunny and warm day here in Derby today. The park was busy with people taking time out to relax and sit in sich a wonderful place.

I had lots of visitors today.among them was Karl Smith..a 'Scroll Saw Artist '.A young man with a skill and desire to work using this skill.I have met a few individuals who all in some way or other create art work/craft. It dawned on me that it would be a great idea to form a central point of contact for the artists around the park and enable the opportunity to exhibit work. I think that when i move into my studio on the park, I'll attempt to do this!...I've met some lovely people this last couple of days. If you're one of the visitors who I 've chatted to this week..please leave a comment on this blog or email your address and I'll let you know about future events and ideas.

One thing I am particularly encouraged by is the wide range of cultural and ethnic groups I've come into contact is a real tool in bringing people together.

I often use this picture (created by the children of St. James Infant School) to illustrate that no matter how insignificant one might feel as an individual, when brought together with others, the picture we make is beautiful , weather as a small group or community..we are all different like these little drawings, but we're all made of the same materials..each of us has something different to say.. together, we are special.

I'd finally like to mention one thing that means a great deal to me at the moment. It's having friends who support and encourage me. Today Allan, Sheridan and Honor called in followed later by my BrotherTim and Wendy. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support.