Saturday, April 07, 2007

Strange lights over Derby!

I took this photo from my bedroom window last night. It's obviously the 'Copper Chopper' as I call it using it's searchlight to track some miscreants in a nearby street.I tried to hold the camera still enough but the Chopper moved and this is what accounts for the row of lights.. My friend Kay recons it looks like the Millenium Falcon just taking off....what do you think?


Devil Mood said...

I think it looks like an alien! My mother would definitely see it as an alien, she's very convinced that they're out there. hehe
Great picture!

Sue said...

No, Wait, isn't that the Bat Signal?

Niall said...

DM: The truth is out there..

Sue: Good one!..Last week I went to meet with a Council Represtentative who is to arrange for a Baton to be attached to the wall of the gallery space I'm to hang pictures in next week.I said to the park manager when I arrived and found that the 'Baton Man' had not yet arrived.."I guess he will turn up at 'Dinner Time"..asked why..I replied"Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner..Baton Man!"...The park manager did not laugh even though I explained!!!!!!