Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lots of talking - Exhibition day 11

This is my place of work!If I stand with my back to my studio..this is the view I get!! If you are wondering where I am with the progress towards moving in to the Grove Lodge Studio...well they (council managers) have reached the details in the lease stage..I hope soon to hear when I can officially move in..will post photos when that is confirmed!
Here's my favourite Black Walnut Tree again..I've added no filter to the sky or lighting in this was taken just before 9:00am this morning..and what a morning it was...Beautiful!!

School brought down all children from years one and two. Here I'm showing some Y1 children my nearly completed 'Corn' picture.

Y2 children mill about seeing if they could find their own works in the display.Some of the children never attended the 'Art Club' which I ran..They were very keen for me to run another!

I spoke to the children about how many people in the community had commented on how much safer the park felt with an exhibition on..also that many people were cheered by the colourful pictures on show.I wanted the children to realise that their art had affected people and therefore changed (if only a little) the world in which they lived!

The children were attentive to my words and sat quietly whilst I spoke. I later went on to teach this class later in the day at school.
Tomorrow sees the end of the exhibition.


Katherine said...

Wow, that view has to be quite inspirational! Oh, to be able to see things through children's eyes again...

Devil Mood said...

You must be a gifted speaker :)
This is so great what you've done! And the morning light is the most beautiful light, in my opinion.

Ps said...

Well done Niall! I can see from the pictures that the exhibition really went off well.How proud the children must feel.(I wish i had had an art teacher like you!)

Couldnt help noticing that in the 4th photo,there is a lady wearing a yellow salwar kameez.Probably from India.

Niall said...

K:..The whle park is a view to be seen and changes each day.

DM:..I don't think I am a gifted speaker..but I am passionate about what I do..passion transmits rather well...

PS:..The majority of the children in the classes are of Asian family tell you the truth it doesn't register with me because thats a representation of the community in this area of derby. It seems odd when I visit other areas of the country and don't see Asian /Afro carribean faces around me..I love the cultural mix in our lovely city!!