Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back to the Corn

Spent the day at the exhibition, but very few people visited. Have tried to comfort myself with the knowledge that the project is not the exhibition but is the 5 months of work done with the children..for them to see their work in the context of a gallery is the last part of the project. Next week we are having a 'ceremony' to commemorate the work by the children and old people. Jan is currently sending out invites to various dignitaries and media.

Decided not to take my camera today..so missed a big fire which destroyed an old residential complex (which was empty and boarded up and due for demolition anyway) next to the park..was a big event with lots of fire engines, smoke and flames!!..still, was able to draw and progress closer to finishing this picture...I'm getting tired of it now!


Ps said...

nice profile pic of you!
'Corn' is looking great as well.(not surprising at all)

Katherine said...

Hang in there! I really love the picture you're doing now. How do you come up with the names for your work?

Devil Mood said...

The cathedral is starting to get clearer - very nice!
I'm a little tired of watching fires, so I don't really mind that you didn't take your camera ;) I have nightmares and everything...

Niall said...

PS:...Niall blushes..!

Kat: The name for this one derives from the area depicted..it's known as 'The Corn Market'...it's just less bother to write all that as opposed to just 'Corn'!

DM:Thank you for you email earlier ..all clear now!