Friday, April 06, 2007

Corn 26 - Good Friday

Back into the old routine..sort of. Working on the tower means concentrating on some very subtle variations in tone and shade..Also somehow between now and Monday I have to frame all the paintings/drawings for the children's exhibition. And I can tel you now that they are looking fantastic (the ones I've already framed)..they'll look every inch 'Desirable' pieces of art once they're up.I'll post photos of them then.

I have to be's all very well hanging your own stuff and standing to be judged by it..but to hang others work is I'm finding harder..I don't want the show to look cheap and amateurish..I really want them children to feel proud of what they've done.
I'd also like to encourage you to take a look at my good friend Preeti's new artwork site, now up and running..and very good her images are too!


Ps said...

Thanks Niall!I'm so honoured that you mentioned my site.
Today too i just came back from an art gallery.What a difference the right kind of framing makes.I'm sure the children's work will not look cheap or amateurish--especially with you as a guide.Would love to see pictures of it.Wishing you tonnes of luck.