Monday, April 23, 2007

Antimatter 1

I've spent so much time working on intricate carefully executed pieces recently, I have decided to produce something which is almost the opposite of what has gone before.Here I have posted an edited area of a picture made entirely by little scribbles...I've called it 'Antimatter' because as opposed to my previous piece in which every dot this it doesn't matter as there are no dots! I'll just let the colours dictate what happens.It's a bit of a carefree workout which won't be timed.

I've just been out with Annie.she had some pocket money and wanted to spend called in at our local Woolworths where she bought a 'Tinkerbell' fairy doll..only little but it was exactly what she wanted.As I mentioned in earlier posts, I like to encourage my children to save for the things they want to buy.I know Annie will look after her toy with more care because she saved for it.

It's funny how money is such a motivator..As in most homes..we lost the TV remote control...(remote by name and nature)..over two weeks of absence had me baffled as to where it had got to..So as a last resort (having shifted every piece of furniture) I announced to my children that the finder of the remote would earn themselves £2 reward.Do you know, I had that remote controller back in my hand within 10 minutes!!?.

I'd like to thank Oskur for looking after things yesterday..he's a very enthusiastic primate and is keen to write more. I think we'll be hearing more from the little fella soon...


Al said...

Looks fascinating Niall! It seems warm and soft. I look forward to watching this works progress. Interesting to see something more abstract.

Devil Mood said...

hehhe Oskur was funny
I love the colours of that antimatter and the concept is great.
Kids these days have everything too easily, too early, too...everything. They value and treasure things a lot less, so I think your policy is very good!!

Ps said...

Enlarged and looked for the dots in the anti matter--even though you said there weren't any.
A bit like your children trying to find the remote :-)
Will wait and watch.