Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reception in the park

I'd like to begin this post with a picture of Edith..a gentle elderly lady who has produced the most amount of pictures over the time covered by the project. Edith has never complained..always joined in and has proudly shown her work to her fellow residents.Her family were amazed.Apparently she has never ever shown any interest in creative artwork.Her daughter said she had never seen this side of her Mother.
The reception at the exhibition today was attended by various people..most importantly..the artists!!Here Tommy Greatorex holds a photo of him working on a painting.Unable to verbally communicate you can see he felt proud to be there and given the honour due to him.Others attending were around six residents and carers from Arboretum House, 12 children from the school, Julie Carter: head teacher and Judy Hall: classroom assistant and my right hand help for all the art sessions.Sue Jacklin from the funders 'Small Change' arrived with a few of her colleagues, The Head Ranger of the park Paul Shrigley, Local Councillor and others..Thank You Colin and Thelma, Chrissie and Karen's husband!!!!!!

Jan is serving biscuits and drinks..

A photographer from the Derby Evening Telegraph takes a picture of Floyd who worked on this tree picture.

A line up outside saw other children from years one and two proudly hold their creation for the cameras.Left to right:..Diane,Nathan,Floyd,Joshua,Oriel and Natasha.
Sorry no photos of me..I had the camera! It was a hectic morning. I had to draw the time together by making a speech..I've never been one to write my speeches down..I sat last night to do so, but decided to leave it to form itself...I often feel emotional at these sort of gatherings and feel that if I speak from my heart instead of off a page, it will have more impact.I think this was the case here. The main objective had been achieved..the children and elderly people had seen their work being adored by others..they had received praise and had been recognised as a positive influence on the life and environment of the area!Well done was a pleasure to be involved.


Devil Mood said...

What a great project, I'm so glad it worked out well :)And life ain't over 'til it's over, paraphrasing Lenny Kravitz.

Niall said...

Dm: Thank was a privilage to be involved..despite it all being my idea, it sometimes felt as if there was some other guiding force!(Jan would claim it to be her)..but it may sound a little pretencious but I feel as if I'm answering some deep longing in the community..something seeking expression wanting to be let out..I just listened and obeyed.