Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Antimatter 3

I'm sitting in a darkened dinning room. writing this. I can see through the patio's dark but for the solar powered patio lights. Jan has just got home from filming scenes for a TV series called 'Doctors'. The boys are settling OK at the end of the day.Annie is fast asleep in bed.

Today was my third teaching session at school.Year one...I have swung between confidence to gibbering wreck and back again. I have worked with the seriously mentally ill..I've worked with ex-convicts who are drunk and violent..I've worked with teenage delinquents..but nothing has prepared me for the onslaught that is 25, 6 year olds!! Let us just say that the learning curve I am currently on would give a Space Shuttle pilot a headache! "How on earth do you do that?" I asked a gentle female teacher who walked in to my rapidly deteriorating lesson and immediately had silence without uttering a word..she very humbly told me " I am just an old Dragon"..Mrs. Cripwell..if you are reading this you certainly are no dragon, but someone for whom the children have the utmost respect. I would sell my kidneys to achieve that level of bearing! (perhaps not both kidneys...well actually not any of them..but you get the drift!)

Guess what..I'll be back doing year two tomorrow..I will be doing the learning!


Devil Mood said...

I think it's good that you start with that corolary - I will be doing the learning.
I wouldn't be good at that, I'd get all impatient with them, the kids would hate me, they would throw me into the lake...etc etc...
Jan's filming Doctors? ah :) I never really watched that, except the last parts because there was a time when it played before Eastenders here and I've been watching EE for years and years and

Katherine said...

Really like the colors showing so far on Antimatter. I hold you in the highest regard for putting yourself out there with 25 6-year-olds!!

Ps said...

Oh yes--you will learn! I LOVe woking with kids.So much better than adults.I used to handle 35,4 year olds when i used to teach.
:-) And when i returned back home I really appreciated the silence,which i used to earlier take for granted!