Monday, April 09, 2007

Arboretum Exhibition

We arrived at the exhibition space around 10:30 this morning after a couple of very late nights framing all the pictures.Jan is an expert at hanging pictures so had no problem getting was going to be a long day!
Both Will and Annie (pictured here) were very helpful putting hooks into the backs of pictures and generally being helpful.

The pictures start to go up..what a gorgeous wife I have!

Here is the first bloc of favourite ones are the big one (which is made of lots of tiny ones) and the two abstracts either side of it.Can you believe they are all done by 5/6 year old children?!!

There were lots of pictures to hang..I had to put the hooks into the backs of around 40 frames today..

Here are the tree pictures you might have seen in an earlier post last November..they look fantastic all together.

It was a very tedious process hanging pictures sometimes from the same nail with varying lengths of special high tensile thread.

During the day we gave our children some oil pastels to draw with (mainly to stop them getting bored..) would you believe it...Will came to me with this offering..he said " I thought I'd do one in the style of Van Gogh!"I'm going to use this to make a poster for the show.

Here are the tree boards finished a few weeks ago if you remember..there are pieces exhibited laying flat on the floor at the Tate Modern in Jan suggested we exhibit them in that fashion!

I'm really proud to have been involved with the creation of this exhibition..and for it to be in an area that is starved of is even more of an honour!

Some of the pieces would very easily find a place in a more 'serious' gallery..there are many 'adult' works that I've seen which are not as good as these!

I've included a few of my own pictures in the selection too.The arboretum ones are on the main wall.

Finally, here is a picture of the venue..the Victorian can just see the pictures through the windows. I'm hoping all will be secure as there is an alarm and security cameras.I now have to prepare for the 'long haul' as it were because I will have to sit in the exhibition every day for the next two weeks. Join me again as I tell the progress of the exhibition and the next instalment of 'Corn' tomorrow!


kay said...

the pictures look great, all that hard work for both of you, or should i say all of you thanks to Will and Annie joining in, hope it all goes well.

Bob-kat said...

That looks like a fantastic exhibition - good luck!

Niall said...

K: Than you for the good wishes!!

BK: It is!'s also great to be able to show what i've been up to all these months!

Ps said...

Amazing Niall.LOVED the way you have framed them and displayed them.So sweet of Jan,Will and Annie to help.Now that is team work.
They really look professional and dont look like some amateurish work of 5/6 year olds.
Great going Niall.Wish I could have come and seen it.

Sheridan said...

What a fantastic venue, and an equally fabulous collection of artwork. Have a lovely two weeks and we'll be along to support you at the weekend!

Niall said...

PS: Thank you!..the bright colours complement the drawings and paintings well. One day I hope to be homoured with your presence!

sheridan:Thanks for means a lot. Look forward to seeing you at the W/E.

Devil Mood said...

Just the amazing!! There are no places like that over here...
I love the big painting as well, it's amazing and the tree collection is also beautiful!
You should be really proud of those kids, they made a great bunch of art :)
Hope the exhibition goes well.

Al said...

Wow! What a stunning ensemble of colour and technique and beauty! Will prints be available????
Good job everyone!

The kids must be so proud.

Niall said...

DM:.. Yes it is a wonderful place..I might have mentioned earlier but the Arboretum was the first public park in England.

Al:..Sorry, no prints as yet, but will discuss with the school as it might be a good way for them to raise funds!!Thanks for the idea!