Sunday, April 01, 2007

Corn 24 - Sunday April 1st

I'm really pleased with the way the buildings are turning out..long hard hours of concentration do pay off! Today I had inspiration for something a little bit out of the ordinary..I'm interested in contrasts as I might have mentioned before..I'm interested in the fact that my work takes so long to create and yet some things are instant an temporary. I would like to depict the temporary,disposable and inconsequential in one of my pictures which takes a ridiculous amount of time to create.

Suggestions never might see your idea turned into a work of art!!!


Devil Mood said...

Those buildings are amazing - I enlarged the picture and had a pain in my eyes. Tiny points - this is so crazy.
But yes I get what you mean about the little details that make a lot of difference. I'm very careful about my ideas - I don't have many so I have to keep them for myself ;)
Kidding! If I think of something I'll let you know.