Saturday, March 31, 2007

Corn 23

Usually when a picture has taken so long I can begin to lose interest and concentrate less on some of the less central areas of the piece. So today I did the opposite..looking at some of the great paintings of the 'Masters' you see an attention to detail in every area of the picture. So today I applied myself 100% to the top most areas of the blue buildings on the left.I tried to avoid overlapping the dots as much as possible to the extent that the area covered is less, but the quality of image increased.

I am having a break now because my children and I are to watch the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who..a show I grew up with...


Al said...

Yey! Dr Who! How fantastic was it! I love it, but no longer need to hide behind the sofa! I sometimes think the best thing about it is the music - the promise of being spine tinglingly terrifieed! Hope you liked it too!
I have renewed interest in the picture too - now that i know where it is of and have been there so recently!

Hope to see you soon Niall, see the e mail.
Happy hugs - Al