Friday, March 30, 2007

Corn 22 - Friday

I had to go out to a meeting today with head of buildings and maintenance from Derby City Council. to hang the children's exhibition I need a wooden baton fixing to the wall. The 'Orangery' is a grade 3 listed building so needs special permission...which I managed to get!I then joined Jan at an Easter Service for the children at my Daughter Annie's school.

I was able to get down to some drawing this afternoon..slow progress with the dark buildings..but they will soon be finished. I'm just under the 100 hour mark just now!!and I've still not reached the top of the page!


Ps said...

wow.Amazing.Am just returning from a show at an art gallery.I can only begin to imagine the AMOUNT of effort and work that goes into an exhibition.Good luck.

Devil Mood said...

Jesus, 100 hours. If only I could dedicate half of that to my writing, or even just a'd be amazing!