Friday, March 16, 2007

Corn 11....I'm back!

Eagle eyed readers of this Blog will notice that I've not posted since Monday. Well, I'll spare the details but a phone call from India and a letter from York have helped me regain my perspective and I'm back! I've resumed work on my picture and look forward to my exhibition next week. Hopefully I'll have photos of the pictures being hung and the venue on Monday evening.

Big thank you to Preeti and Al.


Al said...

Hugs galore!

Cant wait for the exhibition. Havent seen your work in "the flesh" so to speak for years. Used to be accompanied by v loud genesis and marillion i seem to recall..........Happy days.

See you soon.

Niall said...

Thanks Al!!!!!!
the music remains..only now you'll hear Muse, Pendragon,Keane and ELO as well as Genesis and Marillion!

Ps said...

Am so happy to see you back.Will talk to you again, this time a bit longer :-)
Wishing you tonnes of luck for the exhibition.

Niall said...

Thank You Preeti..

Rayne said...

I just now realized that this is not a photo but what you are working on. When I saw the picture up at the top of your blog I thought it was a photo with a noise filter. This work is excellent.